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The following letter to the 'Editor of the Daily Herald' speaks for itself.

Dear Editor,
I was a visitor to your island last week and after a day of shopping, I returned to my cruise ship by taxi,
driven by Mr. Anselmo Hunt.

That evening, I sailed away with very pleasant memories of your beautiful island. Twenty-four hours later I discovered my wallet was missing. I remembered taking it out to pay the driver and thought I returned it to my bag. I was very upset and went down to the purser to cancel my credit cards. Knowing that my credit cards had been lost for twenty-four hours, I feared the worst.

When I called my husband back in the states to get the numbers for the credit card companies, he told me that a cab driver, who had found my wallet in his cab, had called and was sending it to me. I couldn’t believe I had been so lucky, but figured if he went to the trouble to call West Virginia to say he was returning it, he would.

Sure enough, after another phone call to make sure I was home, the wallet arrived intact along with a lovely island purse and two tee shirts with scenes of St. Maarten on them.
Then, if that was not enough, Anselmo and his wife both called to make sure it arrived. I am so impressed with the honesty of Anselmo Hunt and his wife Shirley, who packaged it up and sent it to me.

I have traveled to many places, through several countries and have never found more accommodating , friendlier people than the people of St. Maarten, but most of all, I was lucky enough to get a ride with Anselmo’s Taxi Services.

I just wanted to let someone on the island know how appreciative I am and of what effort Mr. Hunt and his wife Shirley took to make sure I received my wallet safely.

Eleanor Ringel
The Daily Herald Dec 14th 2005
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