This is what I can remember, when I started playing baseball at age 6. I started in the Peewee league in Curacao . Thereafter, I went to Little league for 1 year. In Curacao I did not play much that year, but could pitch a curve ball.

Moved to Sint Maarten, and started playing ball. In Sint Maarten I met a manager by the name “Daddy Lou Baly”, and some of my friends today. The name of the team was Indian Merchant. I played two years with the team, and made the selection. I must have been pretty good, because I played center field, in front of the deceased Lucien Horsford, a real good player who started in right field.

Then I started to gain some confidence. Then we went to junior league, where I met one of the top managers in Sint Maarten, by the name of Carlos van Heyningen. Through this manager, I learned to throw a change-up and my famous curve ball. And, by the way, he is also responsible for me hitting the curve ball, and again, gained some more confidence. And I thank him every chance I get, because if it was not for him, I might not be the player I have become. I think he helped me and my best friend Rijnaldo Euson the players we became. He planted the s eed in us, and other coaches just water the seeds. We loved playing for Carlos, because we will always play, and will hit 3rd and 4th in the line up.

I also owe a big thanks to the deceased Allan Halley, for getting me and Rijnaldo to the States, so we could follow our dream in playing baseball against some good players in College. In College, you meet players of all nations, and seeing them play, you say to yourself, so and so from Sint Maarten can play better than some of these College players.

In Sint Maarten you learn how to play, because we have talent, but we have to learn how to put that talent to use. I think if anyone wants to play baseball on a higher level, education have to be first, because without education that might not be possible.

While we were in College, we have to thank a gentleman by the name of Hugh Lopes, of Curacao, who we played with for a year, helped us adapt to the system here in the USA.

The experience that I have obtained in playing ball in Sint Maarten, I would not trade it for the world.
In Sint Maarten, I learned from local players like, Mervin Beauperthuy, Lou Baly, Pedro Rombley, Carlos Philips, Ronald Jacobs, Rudy Baly, Simon Panthophlet, Sam Jacobs, Claudius Halley, Marcus Livingstone, Toyo Illidge, Steven Carty, Steven Constance, Charlie Myers, Franklin “Steinbrenner” Myers, Alex Walters, Pico Simmons, and last but not least, deceased Edsel “Pete” Ambrosina and Rijnaldo “Cunga” Euson.

Maybe it was not meant for me to take another level, but for those who are still young, and would like to make it, you must start at a young age, have a good attitude, and learn how to listen.

Remember, a good character will go a long way than good talent. Always!

Taken from http://www.sxmbaseball.com April 1st 2006