The Democratic Party seems to have difficulty explaining to the people of St. Maarten how the Fiscal Measures of the Federal Government will affect the Island Territory of St. Maarten.

I cannot understand why they think they should NOT have to.

From the small man’s point of view, I want to express the following.


The Federal Government NEEDS money. The Island Government NEEDS money. We, the citizens, have to pay more taxes.

Whatever measures they take will cost us more. The bottom line is that the tax-payers will be burdened.

The Island Government has to explain to us what impact the measures will have on us.

If the DP wants to criticize what previous government did or didn’t do, that’s all nice and fine with me. I still want to know how all these measures will affect me. And I believe that every person who voted for the DP and gave them a mandate to “Rule as you see fit” wants to know also. If the DP doesn’t believe that, then they should ask the people if they know what impact the measures will have on them.

I thought the DP would have been proud to stand and tell us how the measures will affect us and why they support the measures. But that’s not what I got. I was left with more questions after the meeting, than I had before. I was reminded of the saying; ‘If you cant dazzle them with diamonds, baffle them with bull crap’.

You said during your campaigning that the SPA messed things up. We believed you and voted for you. Now, instead of explaining how the newest measures will affect us, you are still talking about what the SPA did or didn’t do. Is that your only justification for supporting the measures? If so, now please explain HOW they will affect us.


Another problem area is the Gasoline Affair.

How serious are we about asking another country to burden their cictizens so that we can maintain a stranglehold on ours?

Has our government seriously considered the consequences of such a request?

We have to consider the following:

What would the Netherlands Antilles, rather St. Maarten have to give up to have France increase the cost of gasoline on French St. Martin? (The Franco-Dutch Treaty comes to mind.)

Can France increase the cost of gasoline in a commune of Guadeloupe and not in all communes?

Would Guadeloupe accept this? Should French St. Martin accept this?

Based on statements by senator Mingo on ‘For the Record’ of  Sunday Jan 9, a solution to the gasoline situation could take more than a year. Are our gas station owners financially able to survive another year of decreasing sales?

It would be interesting to know, over ther last 2 years,

  1. How much gasoline sales have decreased?
  2. How much profit has decreased?
  3. How many employees were laid off?
  4. How much income tax and profit tax from gas stations have been reduced?
  5. How many gas stations have closed?

It would also interesting to know how much income from excise taxes on gasoline has been reduced.


We have to resolve the situation ourselves and not wait for another country to tax their citizens to convenience us.

If the excise taxes on gasoline are reduced to make us competitive with ‘white pumps’, we could begin contributing to the treasuries of the Federal and Island Governments again and to the survival of our gas station owners and their employees.

Kindergarten Economics say: “A little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing”.


Clifton R. Wilson

Daily Herald;  Jan 17 2000