Auntie “Leeze”


Auntie, yuh birdday is coming up soon

An’ some people don’t want you to make it past noon.

They blame you foh everything bad that happen

Every step of the way.

And they really got me frighten

Thinking that you will go away.


Auntie, I know not me alone gon’ mourn

When they send you on your sojourn.

I don’t care wha’ nobody say

I know t’aint you fail us

T’is we who all along the way

Let greed overcome us.


Auntie, on your birdday, if nobody else sing for you

Rest assured, I promise, I going to.

I will raise me beer an’ I will toast.

Wishing many more to you.

An’ with pride in my heart I will boast

That I still love you.


An’ all o’ them who had to represent you

Must admit that they didn’t defen’ you.

I warnin’ them that I will be spyin’

With a baseball bat in hand.

An’ when you go, if they look like they cryin’

The head heading foh the promise land.


Oh Auntie Leeze, if only I could get my way,

You would never have to go away.

But as long as you here, I gon’ stand with you.

Auntie Leeze you can count on me.

But sadly, they will do what they plan to do

And soom you will be just a memory.


Auntie Leeze, from my heart you will never depart.

You’ll always have a special place in my heart.


           Clifton R. Wilson 2004