Black Now Story


Black History .. we go back in the past

To memories that will last … and last

To memories that make us mad like hell

As we listen to stories that would make us rebel

Someone says “Roots” and blood starts to boil

We have visions of how our forefathers toiled.

And there are other keywords that get us riled up

And truthfully I wonder if that will ever stop.


Black history…I wonder how important it is

If it takes us away from our present phase

We remember when we were punished and enslaved

How we were abused from birth to the grave

But it’s so sad to say we can’t dwell on the past

Calling all teachers. Time to start a new class

And I believe that the topic of the class must be

Not just Black History but include Black Now Story


The first Caribbean island to fight for its freedom

Is still, till today, being oppressed by some.

Now they have many new names, they are not called oppressors.

They are now called ambassadors, tourists, investors

These outsiders still provoke the infighting

They stand in the way of Haitians uniting

And after 200 years of freedom from slavery

Haiti is fighting to survive this Black Now Story


Black Now Story. We don’t have to look for people to blame

We don’t have to try to bring anyone shame

We are saying to our brothers, our sisters, to eachother

We say to every one from the land of our mother

Together we must put our shoulders to the wheel

And work on getting a better deal

I must support you and you must support me

If we are to survive this Black Now Story