LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON: a historic moment

Philipsburg - Vincent Caines won't forget the name Beauperthuy for a long time to come.
Last Sunday, the Cay Hill Tigers pitcher opened with a belt-high fast ball against Dodger's' batsman, Mervin Beauperthuy, who blasted a 375-feet solo homerun over the centerfield wall of the Little League Stadium in the third inning.
Thinking he might get away with the same trick against Beauperthuy's son, Dimitri, Caines again opened with a fastball against the 15-year old youngster in the following inning. But Dimitri showed himself a fast learner, even improving on his dad's performance with a 400-feet blast over thecenterfoe;d wall.
The two-run homerun not only contributed to a 13-5 demolition opf the Tigers, who are now down 2-0 against the Dodgers in the best of five finals, but also marked a historic moment for St Maarten's Baseball.
"It is the first time in amateur baseball baseball history that a father and son both hit a homerun in the same game", claimed Beauperthuy Sr. on Tuesday. " I remember Ken Griffy, Jr. and his dad both hit a homer in the same game. The American commentators, at the time, said it marked the first time in both professional and amateur baseball that a son and a father homered in the same match. So our feat is probably pretty unique," he added.
For Dimitri, it was just as well Only the day before he had promised his dad a birthday present. "To be honest, I didn't expect 8it to happen," he admitted.
But senior had few doubts on Sunday. "The minute he hit it, I knew it was gone," said Mervin."One of my teammates, Frankie Meyers, said 'look at my arms, I have goose bumps. I used to carry that kid around in my arms.'"

Indeed, Dimitri has come a long way since he first entered the Little League as an 8-year old. According to his dad, he has developed a strong right arm, is a fas runner and had quick hands. "But as a dad, what I admire mostare his manners. He didn't get bigheaded, playing for the defending champions, Dodgers. He always kept addressing me as 'father' and not as 'you'."
Like his father, Dimitri joined the AA League at age 15 and again like his father, he now plays in the outfield for the Dodgers. Junior certainly doesn't mind. "it'd easier." he noted.
"Dimitri is a product of the Little League, where I was his coach. In fact, I still am," added serior.. "We also play together on the same volleyball team, so it's easier for him to accept advice."

The Beauperthuy's wife and mother, Elmora Aventurin, is also an accomplished athlete on the local volleyball courts, may soon be joined by a third family member. "Dimitri's older brother is likely to join the team next year," predicted senior.
Caines can consider himself a warned man.
Taken from The Herald,Wednesday, January 27, 1999