The man with the silver trumpet

On November 4th 2007, Don, as he is affectionately called, held a concert to pay tribute to some of the persons who have made positive influences in his life. Don did something that many of us want to do, would like to do but never take the time to do.
This special way of saying a big "Thank You" to his heroes should be a lesson to us, who take our heroes for granted. While a simple thank you could suffice for most, Don said it publicly, out loud and with pride. Don may not know this, but those heroes of his are heroes to many others. I don't say that to take away from Don's "Thank You' to them, but to add many additional "Thank Yous" from many others.
The program was very uplifting and I dare say that everyone had a wonderful time.
Thank you Don, for your music and your love.

Profile of Donavan (Don) Froston

Mr Donovan Froston is affectionately known as Don. He was born in typical St. Maarten family, with roots hailing from Anguilla and French and Dutch St. Martin. His parents were the late Frederick and Ruth Froston.

Don is also known as the man with the silver trumpet. His music, both vocal and instrumental, thrills, charms and warms the heart of many persons. His love for music started at a very young age, when he saw his neighbor, the late Mr. John Larmonie, a legendary man and lover of music, playing his trumpet and leading the Philipsburg Community Brass Band. Mr Larmonie had a great impact on the life of Don, even though he was unable to get the necessary training from him.
Be it in a church service, funeral setting or any social gathering, Don is always in high demand for musical performance.

Don developed a passion and desire to play an instrument, especially the trumpet. His desire was to become a part of Mr. Larmonie's noble band. During the time that Don was unable to have his own trumpet, he was very creative in making use of beer bottle necks, covered with plastic, to make musical sounds.

Over the years, he cultivated his musical passion and received much support from family members and friends. Don worked, saved and longed for the day when he could have his own trumpet. He saw one at "Guy's Recoed Shop", established in mid-frontreet and made downpayments on it until the final payment was made.
Don was the happiest man in the world that day, when he walked out of the music shop with his trumpet. Upon his arrival at home and blowing his new instrument, his father jokingly remarked to his mother: "Ruth, you don't need to send and buy any more flit, because your son, Don, is blowing all the mosquitoes away".

Ever since that day, Donovan has been using his talent with the silver trumpet to enrich the lives of many persons and bring peace of mind to their troubled spirits as well as cheer their souls in hour of need.

Don got his desire to be a part of the Philipsburg Community Brass Band. Besides being an active member of that band, he is the leader/trainer of one of the children's choir of the Philipsburg Methodist Church. He is a dedicated member of the Philipsburg Methodist Church Men's Fellowship and is charged with the leadership of the Men's Choir. He visits the prison weekly, where he offers a Music Ministry.

Don is employed at the "Turning Point Facility". His job and the institution are dear to his heart.
For many years, Don had struggled with drug addiction, but with the help of God, prayers of a loving mother, the support of the Church, family members and friends, Don was able to overcome this social diseease of his life. Because of this, Don is aware of where he had been, where he is today and where he would like to be tomorrow. He deems it fitting to take time out to salute some of the people of this community who have had a positve influence on his life and helped him.

We congratulate you, Don, on this initiative and wish you every success in the future.
May the good Lord continue to guide and bless all your endeavours.

Nathaniel Richardson on Nov 4th 2007

Eiland Gebied St. Maarten
Nederlandse Antillen

Congratulatory Message on the occasion of
"Don Froston in Concert" on November 4, 2007

Allow me, first of all to congratulate Mr Don Froston on the occasion of the concert, " A Special Tribute To my Heroes".

The theme chosen for this musical is a fitting one, considering Don's own courageous battles, becoming a role model for othersin the St. Maarten Community.

The first reaon we honor or pay tribute to people we consider heroes is because, usually, they are people with determonation. They are people who are brave, courageous and dedicated.

Heroes are just ordinary folks who may not know what their next calling might be. But they are brave enough to face the world, not knowing what is going to happen. They have the courage to do the things that others fail to do and stand up for what they believe in. These people who are not afraid to follow a dream and help others to become better human beings. They are dedicated to family, friends, partners, community and country.

We all should have our own heroes to help inspire us and to serve and protect the people of St. Maarten.

Whenever we have decided to pay a special tribute to our heroes, it is an indication of the lasting impression made on our lives.

It's always a great way to say "Thank YOu" to those who have been. at least to us, everything we had hoped for and more.

Not everyday do we meet people who have really opened their heartsto a fellow human beingwho may be suffewring or in need, as Don Froston can certainly attest to.

In the words of the late U. S. Senator Robert Kennedy: "Each time a mands stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope."

Congrats Don .....Play On.......PlayOn.

Franklyn E. Richards LL.M
Governor of St. Maarten

The Methodist Church

In the Caribbean and the Americas- Leeward Islands director

A Tribute to "Don Froston.

From sinking sand He lifted me
With tender hand, He lifted me,
From shades of night, to plaines of light
Oh praise His name, He lifted me.

These words of one of the favorite hymns of our Methodist Hymn Book so aaptly sums up the life and times of our brothere, Don Froston.

Those of us, who are close to Don know the struggles he has had in life, especially with drug addiction inhis earlier years.

But God, by his grace and mercy, heard his cry for deliverance and lifted him up out of the miry clay and set his feet on the rock to stay. Don reached out to Jesus Christ in repenyance and faith. Anf the Lion of Judah, who can break every chain gave him the victory.

Through the power of Christ enabling him, Don Froston turned his back on drug addiction and has never looked back.

He is now a witnessing child of God. And we thank God for his Christian service to the community, especially at the Turning Point Rehabilitation Center, where he works with drug addicts seeking to redeem them.

We also pay tribute to to his dedicated service to the youth and the men in the Methodist Church. God has obviously blessed Don with outstanding musical talents. May the Lord strengthen him to continue using his gifts and talents to the Glory of God.

So Don, we will continue to uphold you in our prayer. Continue faithful in the Lord's services; and never give up. Never surrender till you hear the master say; "Well done, good and faithful servant. enter intp the joy of the Lord".

More power to Don!!

Your pastor and friend,
E. Lloyd Brissett (Reverend)
Superintendent Minister Methodist Church
St. Maarten Circuit

With Much Pride and Happiness

I feel the joy and the happiness of Mom, the mother of Don tonight, realizing that her prayers and many tears had not fallen on deaf ears, that God has heard her prayers. So tonight we applaud Don for being our hero, because he has overcome the enemy.

Don has given his life for others and this is the only way we can truley serve God; by service to our fellowmen. If we say we love God and hate our brother, we are liars, the truth is not in us.

I'll be with you Don, all the way.

Abundant blessings in all your undertakings.


Lovingly, your second mom,
Iris Hodge-Gibbs