In June 2001 a group of ladies, mostly over the age of 35, came together and decided to form the first female cricket team on Dutch St. Maarten. Cricket was not new to them, since most of the women hailed from the surrounding Caribbean islands. However, none of them had the experience of playing the game. Many thought that the game was much too challenging for women but these ladies proved everyone wrong because after 4 years the team is stronger than ever and is a force to be reckoned with.

The ladies received much support from some in the business community, financially and otherwise, to get them started. Dennis Hanley and Mervin Hendrickson came to their aid and volunteered to be the coaches until they got on their feet.

The team started practicing vigorously and took on the female team from the French side of the island and also had some friendly encounters with male teams, who taught them a lesson or two. They took their beatings and it was not long before the team started winning their games.

After only six months the team competed in their first international game when they played in St. Kitts and came 3rd among 6 teams from the surrounding islands. That was a real boost for them.

From then on the team continued to compete locally as well as internationally and has been setting the trend for the upcoming teams. The team tries to uphold good standards. The requirements are to be disciplined, committed, consistent, honest and hard working. Players have come and gone during the past 5 years.

Presently the team has 19 players;
Catherine Brown,
Anthea Jones,
Mavis Cozier,
Gloris Thomas,
Niki Arthur,
Joyce Prince,
Linda Frederick,
Jane Richardson,
Sharon Davllard,
Dion Fraser,
Joni James,
Dian Jean Charles,
Carolyn Boodie.
Ivy Yates,
Joyce Patrick,
Fransica Trocard,
Irena Royer,
Francine Ettien, and
Latoya Frank.

The board consists of:
President - Joyce Prince
Vice-president - Jane Richardson
Secretary - Michelette Frederick
Treasurer - Ivy Yates

The coach is Mr. Berny Myan.

The Female Adult Cricket Team (FACT) as they were originally called has exceeded their expectations. The team has since been sponsored by Carl & Sons and is now called the Carl & Sons Female Cricket Team.

There is a membership fee of $10 per person and a monthly subscription of $5 per person. The team very often organizes fundraising activities like barbeques, walkathons, and breakfast. The team also receives a monthly subsidy from its sponsor. (Carl & Sons).

Many of the team members have built long lasting friendships. The members stick together and support each other. They have fun together. They often attend social activities including their annual Christmas party where they honor their members for their achievements for the year. They have taken part in environmental activities like cleaning up the island. They have donated funds to educational organizations.

The vision statement of the team is “Together Each Achieve More”
Their motto is: Respect God, yourself and your team players.
Their desire is to see other women, young and not so young, get involved in sports. The benefits are great. You make lasting friends, you keep fit and active and it is also a stress-buster.

The team is a legal organization which operates under a constitution and is registered with the chamber of commerce of St. Maarten.

Contact persons are:
Joyce Prince 5572182 or 5265252,
Joyce Patrick 5540458,
Anthea Jones 5537402