Gladys sold me her latest CD and I listened to it, as promised.
I usually rotate my CD’s every 2 months. It’s been more than 2 months and that CD is still in the player in my car. I call it my religious interlude.
I recommend this CD to everyone. Don’t wait until you are hurting, listen to it NOW.
I asked Gladys to give me information about her career so that we could share it with the world.
Here is her story.

Gladys Carter: singer/songwriter/Composer

I have always known myself singing and writing/composing songs. I also always had a dream of having a recording. In 1989, my dream became a reality, but not only a reality, it was my first cassete recording, and that first cassette became a hit throughout the Caribbean. Many times it was #1, on the top 15. The song was "Somebody Cares for you".
This song is still is played on radio stations up to now.
I did a second cassette recording but it was not as popular as the first one.
I wrote another song and put it on one of the Radio stations oversees (it was not recorded for sales purposes) and became a hit. That song was entitled "Nothing too hard for my God to do”.
At one point in my life, I was hurting and feeling the effects of emotional turmoil so strongly, that I just couldn't focus enough to release the gift of music and song out of my spirt.
All of the songs was birthed out of that same painful experience and now I have done my first CD, which was my desire for years.

I'M STILL STANDING, is a CD that is dedicated to people who are hurting, for I have lived through a life time of pain and suffering, but God has healed me. I'm victorious.
My heart goes out to people that are hurting for I have been there and know the pain, which I have expressed in these songs written and sung to encourage people who are hurting, not to give up hope. Being led by the Holy Spirit, I have written these songs.
This CD is dedicated to people who are hurting in one way or the other. The enemy has tried to destroy me, but by the mercy of God “I’M STILL STANDING".
“GLORY, HONOR, PRAISES AND POWER” belong to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Before recording this album, I gave this song, which is the #10 track, to an overseas church and the pastor said that the song is a hit, loved by everyone. My songs have been inspiring.

The feedback I have gotten on St. Maarten has been very encouraging.
Some comments are: the entire CD is a hit - when you have the next one don't forget me - the CD is nice - the CD is very comforting - I have not heard a CD like that before - what are you doing on St. Martin still?

I have had an outpouring of encouraging words and congratulations. This is for me a miracle for I thought I would not have come out again. It was God's timing, and through this song “I'm still standing”, for he instructed me three times. He told me to make it personal. Write what I was feeling inside, and make it personal.
I pray that this CD will be heard by everyone, for I have a passion for singing songs to comfort people who are hurting, and trying to reach out to them.
My songs have blessed many hearts and I hope that God will move through these songs and bless many more.
I hope my songs are blessings to you too.
'Somebody Cares for You' is also on this CD among the others that I have mentioned.

I strongly recommend you get this CD.
Clifton R. Wilson

Gladys's CD can now be bought online at CD BABY