Taken from the Daily Herald of March 20th 2006
The St. Maarten Judo Team has cleaned up at the Netherlands Antilles 2006 Championships, held in Bonaire Saturday, March 18th 2006. The team, consisting of 6 males and 2 females, took 7 gold medals.

In the male division, Leopold Merrick won gold in the age 13 to 14, 39 kilos group. Also in that age bracket, Ivan Bell at 50 kilos and Kirby Richardson at 64 kilos, won gold medals. In the 15 to 16 division, Mitchell Junior, weighing in at 55 kilos and Michealangelo Bell, at 60 kilos, both won gold medals.
The oldest member of the team is Renaldo Missaine in the 17 to 19 group. He fought in the 58 kilo group and won a gold medal.
In the female division, Pashione van Heyningen won the gold in the 68 kilos and up division.
Rachel Casimir, in the 58 kilos group, was the lone St. Maarten athlete to win a silver medal.

However, the medals didn't come without a price. Several members of the team were injured.
Richardson has a possible broken rib. Missaine has a sore shoulder and 2 others suffered ankle sprains.

Winning gold medals make the athletes eligible to compete in the Junior Pan American Judo Championships that will be held in Colorado Springs in April and the World Championships in the Dominican Republic in October.

The team was sponsored in part by TelCel and Island Mauby.

Taken from the Daily Herald of March 20th 2006
Ivan Bell won a silver medal at the Pan American Judo Championships, held in Colorado Springs this weekend. A total of three St. Maarten athletes fought in the competition.

"We experienced bad weather", said team technical director Aartwichgt Bell. "We were at 600 feet. We had complications with breathing that made it difficult to perform fully."

Also representing The Friendly Island were Mitchell Junior and Michaelangelo Bell.

The team is scheduled to return home today and will resume training for the World Championships, which will be held in the Dominican Republic in October.