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La Vaune Henry

La Vaune Henry, born on Saint Martin-St. Maarten, is an opera singer by profession and a jazz singer by choice. Once in a while she plays piano. She speaks English and Dutch fluently, and Spanish "just a bit. She also sings in German, Italian, French and Portuguese, and is now studying to sing in Russian. La Verne has sung classical music in Holland, England, Switzerland and Germany. She has always wanted to be more than an opera singer alone. She emphasizes that she is not a cross-over, but just love Caribbean and Surinamese jazz. La Vaune performed for thousands of people at North Sea Jazz Festival and in many Queen’s Birthday Concerts. After graduating from the Methodist Agogic Center and St. Maarten Academy, La Vaune went to Holland to study at the Rotterdam Conservatorium for eight years. After Holland, La Vaune went to further her musical studies in Cincinnati, USA, after winning an international scholarship in Holland. La Vaune loves singing classical music and Black Spirituals, including areas of various operas, Bach, South American music from Brazilian composer Villalobos Granados, Rodriguo and other composers.

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