Carnival Dutch St. Maarten
This site is dedicated to promoting St. Maarten / St. Martin.
We believe in promoting St. Maarten / St. Martin by promoting "S'martiners" first.
On this site you will find information about "S'martiners" from all walks of life, who have contributed in whatever way to this island,

No one can be more proud than the “S’martiner” as we prefer to be called, although we are not a boasting people.
Talking to the 'older heads', you can learn about the love “S’martiners” have.
We welcome people from around the world to our beautiful shores. We are a loving and caring people, but we get upset when people see our griendlyness as a weakness.

Over the years, millions have visited our island and have fallen in love with our people and island.
While some guard their findings as a secret, others are proud to tell the world what they have found and are willing to share it that knowledge.
There are many websites, where visitors share their experiences about the island.

Here, at SIMADOM.COM, we will bring you information about

Join us in writing WE-STORY. Let's all contribute.

We recommend that you get our island’s newest souvenir:

a Visitor’s License Plate.

This plate is unique in that each plate is individually numbered;
there are no two plates numbered alike.
The plate can be personalized with a message or business card. The pate can also be given as a gift.

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