When one talks about sportsmen on St. Maarten, the name Mervin Beauperthuy comes up very often.
Here is just a synopsis of what has been written about him throughout the years.

Great Bay, St. Maarten
As we turn 1989, heading into the decade of the 90's, The Guardian has taken a look back in sports over the past 10 years, to select some of the teams and personalities, whom have left their mark behind in the 80's.

Mervin Beauperthuy was named by the Guardian "Sportsman of the Decade".
Throughout the 80's, Mervin has been one of St. Maarten's leading baseball players, both in performance as well as in his attitude towards others in the sport.
Mervin has played for every selection over the past 7 years and was always among the players from St. Maarten, picked to form part of the Antilean baseball selection.
Mervin has engraved his name in baseball history, as one of the Amtilles' most putstanding catchers of the decade. He formed part of the Antilles selection, that captured Silver in the Central America and Caribbean Games in Sto. Domingo and was the only player on the team to belt a towering home run against Cuba.
For some four years now, Mervin has been travelling to Europe to re-inforce the French champion team in the European championship and this year, he was named Mpst Valuable Player.
Mervin batted 4 hpmeruns and picked up a total of 15 runs batted in.
In his first game against Yugoslavia, he homered a total of three times for a total of 7 RBI's.

Mervin has played baseball in Holland, Belgium, France, England, Sto. Domingo, Aruba, Curacao, and the U.S.A.

Besides baseball, Mervin also played softball and was one of St. Maarten's most oustanding volleyball players of the Decade, playing with the Atom Boys.
He represented St. Maarten against the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Kitts, and Canada.

We at the Guardian congratulate Mervin on a most successful decade and wish him continued succes in the 90's.
This article was written by William Marlin for the Guardian in 1989


Hits 3 homeruns in One Game

Great Bay, St. Maarten -
"Even before I left for Europe, I was hitting the ball well," Mervin Beauperthuy told the Guardian in an exclusive yesterday.
On Wednesday afternoon, the catcher of St. Maarten's Budget Dodgers returned home with the MVP-Award he captured in the European Cup B-Division, played in Reading, England.
Mervin blasted a total of 4 homeruns and picked up 15 RBI's in 4 tournament games. Mervin did extremely well in the first game against Yugoslavia, with 3 homeruns and 7 RBI's.

This is nothing new for Mervin, as a couple of back, he did the same thing against the tigers in a game played at the John Cooper/Jose Lake Sr. Park. His first two in the game were against Claude Halley and the third homerun was hit off Junior Arrindell.

A total of 8 teams participated in the tournament in 2 pools. Mervin played for the French champion team, P.U.C., together with Yugoslavia, West Germany and another team. Pool B consisted of Switzerland, England, Czechoslovakia and Vienna.
P.U.C. qualified easily for the finals against Czechoslovakia, winning all three games in its pool.
The final match was a very close one, ending 9-8 in favor of the French. P.U.C. took the lead, 1-0 off a double of Mervin, batting 3rd in the line up. P.U.C. stayed ahead all through the game. In the 3rd, Mervin helped secure the victory with a 3-run homer.
"The pitching was not the best I ever faced," Mervin told the Guatdian.

This article was taken from the Guardian; date unknown.

a historic moment

Philipsburg - Vincent Caines won't forget the name Beauperthuy for a long time to come.
Last Sunday, the Cay Hill Tigers pitcher opened with a belt-high fast ball against Dodger's' batsman, Mervin Beauperthuy, who blasted a 375-feet solo homerun over the centerfield wall of the Little League Stadium in the third inning.
Thinking he might get away with the same trick against Beauperthuy's son, Dimitri, Caines again opened with a fastball against the 15-year old youngster in the following inning. But Dimitri showed himself a fast learner, even improving on his dad's performance with a 400-feet blast over the centerfield wall.
The two-run homerun not only contributed to a 13-5 demolition opf the Tigers, who are now down 2-0 against the Dodgers in the best of five finals, but also marked a historic moment for St Maarten's Baseball.
"It is the first time in amateur baseball baseball history that a father and son both hit a homerun in the same game", claimed Beauperthuy Sr. on Tuesday. " I remember Ken Griffy, Jr. and his dad both hit a homer in the same game. The American commentators, at the time, said it marked the first time in both professional and amateur baseball that a son and a father homered in the same match. So our feat is probably pretty unique," he added.
For Dimitri, it was just as well Only the day before he had promised his dad a birthday present. "To be honest, I didn't expect 8it to happen," he admitted.
But senior had few doubts on Sunday. "The minute he hit it, I knew it was gone," said Mervin."One of my teammates, Frankie Meyers, said 'look at my arms, I have goose bumps. I used to carry that kid around in my arms.'"

Indeed, Dimitri has come a long way since he first entered the Little League as an 8-year old. According to his dad, he has developed a strong right arm, is a fas runner and had quick hands. "But as a dad, what I admire mostare his manners. He didn't get bigheaded, playing for the defending champions, Dodgers. He always kept addressing me as 'father' and not as 'you'."
Like his father, Dimitri joined the AA League at age 15 and again like his father, he now plays in the outfield for the Dodgers. Junior certainly doesn't mind. "it'd easier." he noted.
" Dimitri is a product of the Little League, where I was his coach. In fact, I still am," added serior.. "We also play together on the same volleyball team, so it's easier for him to accept advice."

The Beauperthuy's wife and mother, Elmora Aventurin, is also an accomplished athlete on the local volleyball courts, may soon be joined by a third family member. " Dimitri's older brother is likely to join the team next year," predicted senior.
Caines can consider himself a warned man.
Taken from The Herald,Wednesday, January 27, 1999