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A bold contemporary expressionist, abstract in tendency, Mosera nevertheless brings a strong sense of structure to his canvases. An artist of great color captured at a certain moment and reincarnates it on his canvases, by arranging and surrounding and mixing it to a surprising and incoherent fragment of the African Caribbean world. In his watercolor, Mosera reveals the wide range of his artistic knowledge, from gentle color effects such as bleeding to the brush strength on his paper. A single exhibition provides the opportunity for only a glimpse of its scope. Over all, no single period of Mosera’s work is paramount but each period, color, serenity and composition included plays a single role.
taken from http://www.st-maarten.com/art.htm Jan 16th 2007

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Although he was born in St. Lucia and lived in Guadeloupe, Ras Mosera is one of the most celebrated artistes on St. Maarten/St. Martin. The self-taught expressionist not only paints the island the way he sees it in works like Five Wise Virgins and Domino Players, but he also owns the bohemian Axum Jazz Café on Front Street where he performs his jazzy sounds every Saturday night. The Café's cozy nooks and crannies are homey perches for his paintings, which fetch upwards of $7,000.
taken from http://www.experiencestmaarten.com/islandfacts/artscene.html Jan 16th 2007
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