Making A Difference; One Neighbor At A Time
They seem like an ordinary group of teenagers hanging out on a friendís front steps or garage. The music is loud and thumping, the domino game is fiercely competitive and the dance moves come straight from BET or MTV. But underneath the frivolity of youth, beat hearts of compassion sand love. The Pear Road Boyz & Girlz are a group of twelve teens living on Pear Road, South Reward.

The group got started out of sheer boredom. Sitting around not knowing what to do. Instead of getting into trouble, they decided to do something fun and positive together. The purpose of the group was music: the guys would rap while the girls danced. However, while going about their everyday lives, something changed.

When Team Leader Shantel asked the group what they wanted to do for Christmas, they decided to help others. Having observed the needs in their neighborhood, this group of teenagers decided to do something to help one family they knew needed help. Not sure what to do next, they turned to a neighbor for advice. The familyís needs were overwhelming: they had no water or electricity; they needed appliances, clothing and food, everything to make living comfortable. But these teens were not daunted by the task.
Armed with the information as to who to address, they wrote letters to businesses, solicited the neighbors and held a Radio-thon on PJD2. In the end, they were able to accomplish their mission.
Initially, they were simply hoping to provide the family with some food and clothing and gifts for the children, but they achieved much more. Through their perseverance and hard work, the family received donations of cash and goods to meet their needs.

Donations came from Windward Roads, Aliceís Fashion, Daffy Duck Playschool, GEBE, the staff of Grand Marche and a variety of good citizens and neighbors. There was such an outpouring of love from the people of St. Maarten, that theuy were able to meet and exceed all expectations.

So, on Christmas Day, The Pear Road Boyz & Girlz threw a great bash for their neighbors with lots of food, drinks, music and gifts. And the family was simply overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and concern from everyone. But most of all everyone was simply moved by the compassion of a group of teens who dared to make the world a better place, one neighborhood at a time.

So we tip our hats and raise our glasses in salute to these brave teens: Shantel Jolly, Nakia Richardson, Keisha Richardson, Keisha Brown, Shamir Brown, Hendrick Maduro, Old Man, Kyra Richinsin, Camira Codrington, Outwain, Bertly Schoop and Brian Schoop.
We look forward to more of their good deeds in the coming year
Taken from the TODAY newspaper, Dec 27th 2006

Soon we will post the group's story, in their own words. We will also feature the individual members and their ambitions.

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